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Our Purpose

Non-Toxic Life: Helping You Get Your Tox OffT!

At Non-Toxic Life, our passion and purpose is to empower people with the right knowledge and products to help them keep healthy and vibrant in a toxic world.

We aim to provide non-toxic products for all aspects of your life. The products we source are typically not available from supermarkets, or sometimes even good health food stores. They are individually sourced from various suppliers we believe are committed to the quality and integrity of their products. We only source the highest quality products, and provide them to you at the most competitive prices possible.

Our products are free from toxic chemicals (known or possible) and are GMO free. We prefer organic, Australian made products.

My personal journey into a non-toxic life came about in a desperate search for natural alternatives for my sister-in-law, Melissa, and her newborn baby and for both of our own households. After many laborious hours of searching, and persevering we have changed the way we look at the world, our habits and our life.

Just remember, that doing a little is better than doing nothing at all!

If you have the courage to take all those conventional toxin laden products and throw them all out at once - do it! If not, do what you can over time, but do something! You won't regret it!

Are you ready to get your Tox Off

We look forward to assisting you on your personal journey to a non-toxic life and encourage you to peruse our website -

Love and light

Keeta Gibson

Non-Toxic Life's Seven Founding Beliefs:

Belief 1: Convenient shopping, not convenient products!
While working against toxic, unnatural "convenience products", we are all for "convenient shopping". Why leave the house when you can use the mouse?! The trend toward on-line shopping is overwhelming; especially on sites like ours, where the transaction processing technology is secure and professionally managed.

Belief 2: What you don't know can harm you
We believe in empowerment through knowledge, so you can make informed choices about your health. In today's society, you can't assume someone else is looking after your health. Government regulators are far too slow to act in the interests of the community's health, industry is far too focused on their own bottom line, and your doctor has essentially been taught to mask symptoms, not treat cause. It seems that only those who choose to empower themselves with knowledge and engage in "conscious living" can protect themselves from the toxic environment we have unwittingly created for ourselves. So what does "conscious living" mean on a day to day basis? It means arming yourself with knowledge about toxic ingredients, reading labels, and making the right product choices. It means taking off your blinkers, not assuming that "pure and natural" on a box means it is good for you! Non-toxic products may cost you more in the short-term, as toxic ingredients are usually cheaper, but the savings in terms of your health and well-being overtime are immeasurable.

Belief 3: Good nutrition prevents and cures disease
Good nutrition can prevent, alleviate or cure disease. Poor nutrition leads to disease. Sounds basic and obvious, but most of us do not have good nutritional habits. Good nutritional habits include a whole-food based diet, with minimal processed foods. The reality of busy life means that good nutrition for many of us also means nutritional supplementation. Quality nutritional supplements are whole-food derived, not synthetically created.

Belief 4: Build up of toxins in our bodies creates disease
As more and more toxins get pumped into our food supplies and environments, we are getting sicker and sicker. Since the 1970's the incidence of cancers in western countries has risen around 50%. In contrast in pre-industrialised societies, where exposure to man-made chemicals is minimal, there is little cancer. Unlikely coincidences. Many scientists believe the rise in cancer rates is linked to the increase in industrial chemicals and pollutants in our lives.

Belief 5: Prevention is better than cure
When we are chronically sick, life is miserable. When we are sick doctors are basically trained to fill us up with more toxic drugs to cover-up the symptoms of our illnesses, not address the root cause. This often creates more problems with immediate or delayed side-effects, and more toxic build-up. Prevention through good nutrition and minimising toxins in our everyday environment is the best preventive medicine available.

Belief 6: Children are particularly vulnerable to toxic chemicals
Children are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals and really need our protection. We know little about how chemicals in the environment relate to risks of childhood cancer. We do know that certain types of childhood cancers are increasing, but we do not know why. Too many questions, too few answers.so we advocate doing what you can do, and that is avoid products with known or suspected toxins.

Belief 7: Triple Bottom Line
We are in business to make a living, but not at the expense of our environment or to the detriment of other people. We believe we are obliged to be responsible custodians of our environment and our children's future. What does it mean for us as a business today? It starts with simple things like recycled, biodegradable packaging. It extends to spreading the word about the use of toxins that will negatively impact generations to come. Beyond this we will see where our journey takes us.

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